Ever Silver

Stainless steel (ever silver) is of many varieties. The main constituent of stainless steel is Iron. The main alloying elements used are Nickel and Chromium. If the Chromium content is above 11%, this steel doesn’t rust. Nickel and Chromium are in solid solution in Iron. If the Chromium content is 15%, this steel has a shining appearance and has good commercial value. In business, the following three aspects are important: quality product, timely delivery and competitive price.


Sha Asia sanitary ware provides you with a wide range of designs and features to enhance your bathroom décor perfectly. Our wide range of wash basins, offering Wall Hung, Over Counter, Under Counter and Counter top installation are well coordinated with Sha Asia's exquisite range of faucets. What’s more, our water closets with single piece, coupled and wall mounted options, fit into your coordinated design and installation parameters perfectly. Their user-friendly, as well as two-push-button activated dual flush technology-provides you the choice of using 3 ltr or 6 ltr flush options.

Taps & Accessories

Sha Asia faucets provide a great experience with their high quality and high performance.Sha Asia’s in-house award winning design team is well integrated in its approach and helps to produce 50000 faucets per day. Our state-of-the art manufacturing units are backed by a world class testing lab. That’s why Sha Asia faucets conform to the highest quality and regulatory standards. Sha Asia’s passion for perfection reflects in the 10 years of warranty it extends on its faucets.